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Transformer Oil Filtration Plant

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Transformer Oil Filtration Plant

AR Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of Transformer oil filtration & dehydration plants since 1990. The company got established in 1988 at Satara, Maharashtra. Sticking to our policy, we try to manufacture machine which will give lowest running cost to our customers. While working vacuum 2-stage plants is less than 0.2 Torr. Our machines are work on Low temperature high vacuum principle. So, running cost of our machine is very minimal.

Keeping in mind that, our machines are compact (Less floor space occupied), light weight (Less transportation cost) & higher working vacuum (Less oil heating in the machine) We manufacture transformer oil filtration & dehydration plants ranging from 300 LPH to 18000 LPH. Each model having 2 types mainly, single stage degassing & 2 stage degassing. Working vacuum of single stage degassing plants is less than 1 Torr.

We also manufacture tailor made plants for our customers such as transformer oil regeneration plants. Recently we have introduced the new series (HV) in addition to single stage (1V) & two stage (2V) of transformer oil filtration & dehydration plants.
The essential point for successful application of the trickle impregnating resin is the correct adjustment and the control of the winding temperature.

Features of Transformer Oil Filtration Plant

AR Engineering offers you a complete choice of products which include transformer oil filtration plant. Transformer Oil Filtration Plant offered comes designed and developed using the latest technology.

  • The technology used to support and meet the filtration demands of insulating oils where there may be the presence of gas, moisture, suspended particles and other contaminants.
  • These filtration plants provide for proper reconditioning and purification support for mineral transformer oil
  • We can offer these plants for low, medium, high voltage transformers
  • Can also be customized to suit customer specifications.
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